Sunday, 10 November 2013

Update - 10th November 2013


10th November 2013

Thank you to all for your prompt response to the request that pledges for financial support for the Annexe project  now be honoured when you able to do so.

Letters giving details of your pledges have now been issued and it is good to see that so many of the letters have been collected and indeed that quite a lot of money has already been received by the parish.

The picture above gives a graphical representation of the situation to date. 

 Our target is to reduce the height of that  green column!

It is already a marvellous achievement but we expect to be able to see a decrease fairly soon in the £120,000 still needed. All those small amounts; contributions for coffee after Mass, Offerings from Baptisms, profits from social events etc. etc.  They all add up!

Soon we will be having regular retiring collections, possibly once a month. This will also gradually reduce the amount outstanding.

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