Saturday, 11 January 2014

A roof . . . !

What with the dreadful weather, the busy-ness of Christmas and so forth, I must admit I haven't really paid quite so much attention to our building project of late.

My goodness, you couldn't miss this though . . .

Seemingly out of nowhere we suddenly have a roof; well, the bare bones of one, at least.  Because most of the work hitherto has not been easily visible behind the site hoarding unless one made a point of walking around the back to see what was going on, it came as quite a surprise to suddenly see the roof appearing, seemingly out of nowhere and very visible from the presbytery.

We tend to forget, I think, that whilst we've been muttering about the dreadful weather recently, and there's no doubt about it, it has been dreadful, the contractors have been quietly and efficiently carrying on with their work as far as possible.

Stuart and the team at ITC are doing a grand job!

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