Sunday, 23 February 2014

Of eggs and omelettes . . .

We all know the saying, 'you can't make an omelette without breaking eggs'. That saying comes to mind looking at the 'apparent' chaos in some of these photos.  It may look a bit of a mess now, if we're being honest, but there is no doubt that it will produce a great finished product.

And here's a prime example . . .

The men here are preparing the footings for the retaining wall in front of the new entrance to the Annexe.

Actually, our hard-working contractors are a tidy bunch!  Considering this is a construction site, things are looking pretty organised.

They are also excellent at clearing up after themselves.  This was the scene in the foyer of the hall yesterday as the electricians have been busy all week installing new wiring.  Those parishioners who went into the hall for coffee after the 10am Mass today would have had no idea about this as the area had been tidied up beautifully and the floor swept and washed. Well done ITC!

Getting closer . . .

Here's a view from the Annexe looking through the entrance into the hall via the space which was the old disabled WC.

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